In Poza Azul, it’s early 05:00 starts every day but this view makes it a lot easier šŸ™‚ We are surrounded by denseĀ jungle, with some clearings – the young boys of the village seem to have a constant job keeping it back with their machetes.

Below House 3 (Fer, Venexia, Celia, Luke and Naveen), the group with the furthest walk to work, made easier after some fantastically strong black sweet coffee from our host family mother, Dinora.

These first few days we sweat buckets, literally… drank litres and litres of water but still no need to pee! The look of horror on Dr Nicks face when he discovered this fact of non-toilet visits after 4 days… apparently sign of imminent kidney failure, soon remedied by continuous water drinking until desperate for loo šŸ™‚

Every Raleigh project (or almost all) get a medic on the team.  In addition there is always the fieldbase medic for backup support via radio or mobile.  Bajo Chirripo Delta 3 have Dr  Nick as a project manager and he gets to practice his surgical skills on a nasty gash in Celia thigh.  Very nicely done considering the jungle environment, equipment available and buzzing wildlife!