Whilst most teams have put in a sterling effort pimping their tuk tuks the Germans naturally have taken it a step further, with a higher level of German engineering, dedication and excellence.

In contrast to their prehistoric costumes they have added a generator on the roof to power a futuristic stereo system designed to put the fear of God, Buddha and Mohammad combined into any soul crossing their path. They have installed a second passenger dashboard in the rear with a formidable array of buttons (wish i had taken a photo of this!)

At their finger touch they have access to any number of horns including everything from a hundred sheep bleeting, police sirens to the ear shattering fog horn of an ocean going oil tanker. The speaker system is capable of emitting volumes at ear splitting decibels that can be heard in Calcutta regardless of where they are in the country.

Additional wind streaming elephant earss are added to the front wings along with an elephant trunk. The result… two massive six foot seven Teutonic caveman engineers squeezed into a tiny tuk tuk with the most technologically advanced sound system ever to have hit Indian roads…