Only a short walk today, 7 miles over Great Hangman and Little Hangman. I leave late morning, enjoying a late porridge breakfast on the JetBoil in the peace of the field. The farmer who owns the field is Billy (Pembridge? Pembury?) … I have a chat with his farmer father, before leaving, passing by in his tractor… full-on wild white hair Devon man.

A few hours walking later I could not end up in a more different place than last night. Coombe Martin is lovely, but tonight I am sleeping in a camper holiday site. Packed with kids, mobile homes, camper vans. There is a DJ and it’s bingo night. The macarena is blasting.

I do get to share my shower with a super delicate cute bat. And hairdryer to make myself presentable.

But best of all, Tara and the girls in reception have a surprise for me. They see me hobbling in to order dinner, know that I’m spending the night in a tent, and have produced a duvet for me. My night in the field was a joy because of the farmers duvet. Tonight is going to be another good one! Honestly I cannot hold myself back and give Tara the biggest hug.

The food portions in the campsite are enormous! I ordered the “little breakfast” in the morning and this is what arrived! Thank god I did not go for the regular or large one..

If you want to party late into the night, eat huge portions (£8.50 for dinner £4.50 for breakfast) then come to Sandy Beach Holiday Park!