Our directions for today are to make for Tejona ETA 16:30 with Romeo 2 trekkers for a live food drop and to spend the night them.  Easier said than done. Tejona is on the map but no-one has heard of it, we drive to where we think it should be, check GPS, ask locals at a group of houses. No joy. We drive in loops looking for it and eventually find some wind turbine construction guys who point us directly back to where we have just come from.

Sure enough Romeo 2 are there, as well as the locals we asked – turns out Tejona on the ground is called Parcelas Quebrada Azul – so much for the maps. Romeo 3 have some serious blisters and a few tears, all very tired and footsore. I spend the night sleeping outside keeping an eye on Bravo 1 and chasing marauding dogs away from the bin bags.

Up the following morning at o’stupid a clock – 03:30 breakfast; after the daily vehicle check (oil, brake fluid, clutch, power steering, radiator, fan belt, tyre pressure, lights, etc) we’re off at first light and soon back on the Interamericana highway we head to Liberia to pick up Emily and Kiki (who is switching projects), pickup point is McDonald’s (YES Big Mac!) only to be disappointed they are still on breakfast menu. Have to be satisfied with Egg McMuffin, avoid the Mac Pinto rice and beans brekkie. Next we head for Volcon Tenoria anda second dead food drop at rangers station for Guanacaste trek, then a third (also dead) food drop atPlaya Junquillal, so beautiful we contemplated staying the night, but decide to make a run for the Nicaraguan border before nightfall instead. (Raleigh rules, no driving at night, but we need to cut down what will already be a long tomorrow.)