Yes!  I have been chosen as driver for a nice long roadtrip, along with Emily, Kat and

Road trip itinerary as follows:


Day 1: Turrialba (Fieldbase) – San Jose – Puntarenas (Zulu’s for adventure challenge)

Day 2: Boat to San Lucas – Puntarenas – Tejona (Romeo 2 trek & Romeo 3 environmental project)

Day 3: Tejona – Volcan Tenorio – Liberia – Playa Junquillal – border crossing – San Juan Del Sur

Day 4: San Juan Del Sur – Telica – Achuapa (trek in) (Romeo 5 – water project)

Day 5: (trek out) Achuapa – Esteli – Yeluca

Day 6: rest up in Yeluca (Romeo 7 community centre project)

Day 7: Yeluca – Esteli – Apantes (Romeo 2 Community centre project)

Day 8: Apantes – Esteli – Sebaco – Tipitapa – border crossing – Rincon (Romeo 3 environmental project)

Day 9: Apantes – Climb Volcano Rincon (with Romeo 2 trek)

Day 10: Las Pailas (Rincon) spend with Romeo 3


Day 11: Rincon – Turrialba (Fieldbase)

Bravo 1 is fully packed with all our personal kit plus 5 x food drop sacks, resupply requests (most popular is toiletpaper and batteries), spare bashers, 3x spare radios, tent in case we have to camp, toolboxes, first aid kit, roadtrip food supplies, vehicle fluids (oil, brake, power steering) tow rope, Nicaragua and Costa Rica mobiles, satellite phone, GPS, 3 rolls of about 20 maps, route cards, vehicle documentation, visa and a variety of paperwork for the border.