Today I met Jesus and Mary… no kidding. They are also walking the Camino from Le Puy anticipating finishing in Pamplona. Jesus has already walked it three times before. This time he is walking with his wife, Mary, who is a Spanish tax collector. Somehow he seems to know all the shortcuts, the routes with the best views, whether it will be uphill, downhill or on the level. He also takes ownership of any place he arrives in. I met them first in Saint Marcel (pictured left), then again in Conques.

Jesus is the most hospitable person you could ever wish to meet. Wherever he is, he takes ownership of any gite, restaurant, café, bar or home. When I arrived in Eglise Saint-Roch I was sure I knew him, but logically I had never been there before therefore would not know the owner of this particular gite. His behaviour and welcome to the next arriving walkers, was so utterly one of being at home he totally confused me.

When I met them the next day it turns out that the gite which can accommodate seven had a final total staying of seventeen. The owner ends up sleeping in her car to make room. Bodies are everywhere.

Anyway Jesus knows yet another route off the main. So I will not be seeing them for a few days, they are following a route along the River ??? which joins the main route again in Cahors.