Check out the Red Cross ship pulled up at Puntarenas and wonder about the possibilities of getting a job onboard…

I woke up today  from overnight radio duty sleeping in the comms room, the first task of the day is the morning briefing to the rest of fieldbase on the last 24 hours: status, progress and requests from the various projects. Never a dull moment I find out at the meeting I am leaving within 1 hour to take a recovering venturer with very manky feet to Puntarenas. I have 40 minutes to shower, pack, pull together stuff for the 10 day (now 11 day) roadtrip which was supposed to have started the following day. Pretty impressed with self on a mean and efficient packing speed.

Dive into taxi to the bus station to grab the San Jose bus, quick change to Puntarenas bus – 7 hours later pyjama’ed up in a hostel only to receive a call from Ross on the island to go shopping for food. A typical Raleigh day. Next morning we head down to the Incopesca fishing pier collect a couple of bag of ice (plus another food request from Ross).

Ice and food sorted we find Danny and our boat at 07:00 for the crossing to San Lucas island (previously a notorious prison). Catch up with the guys from phase 1 Bajo Chirripo project, then collect Wellard and Kat in a quick 30 minute turnaround. I manage to persuade the skipper to let me take over the helm and we return to Puntarenas to pick up Bravo 1 and finally start our roadtrip.