For a long while now I have been anticipating a change, whilst doing exactly the same thing day in day out, with the same people, same routine, same work,  same route home, same sofa, watching the same television. Change is definitely going to happen… right? Madness, madness, madness!

So after 7 years, 7  months and 10 days it’s time to ditch this desk, the 9-5, the endless meetings and projects that take so long to deliver no-one remembers who requested them; working groups that find more problems than solutions; and a very real sense that I have become part of the system that clogs rather than oils progress.  Not that I’m complaining (too much), I have been well paid, looked after and very much supported by my colleagues.  However I have lost the skip in my step and my enthusiasm for the job has left the building long before me.  It is time to go.

Throwing caution, security and saftey to the wind … Costa Rica / Nicaragua here I come and a Raleigh Expedition to create space for stuff to happen.  Here I have a  big smile on my face and a nauseatingly anxious stomach, the only way I can get over it, is not to think too much about my decision and just keep taking actions that move me onwards.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am a prolific list ticker…

0    resign job
1    panic
2    book flights (one way?)
3    calculate budget
4    jabs: Rabies, Diptheria, Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus, Typhoid
5    get netbook
6    decide what to do with flat
7    Raleigh VM training
8    Raleigh first aid training
9    Raleigh fund raising
10    declutter flat
11    write tenancy agreement
12    new DVLA licence
13    service boiler
14    arrange work leaving drinks
15    arrange friends leaving bash
16    family / friends goodbye visits
17    sort glassblowing
18    sort camera / memory cards
19    malaria tabs (6 months supply)
20    cetirizine (6 months supply)
21    doctors checkup
22    dentist checkup
23    buy new backpack
24    buy waterproof jacket
25    buy trek/workboots
26    setup domain / blog
27    return neighbours keys
28    cut extra set of flat keys
29    arrange neighbours drinks
30    Raleigh expedition reports
31    check insurance
32    redirect economist
33    complete economist work
34    clear lodger bedroom
35    arrange proxy vote
36    get American transit visa
37    switch utilities
38    iTunes download
39    learn Spanish
40    emergency credit cards
41    complete pension docs
42    banking
43    copy important docs, passport etc
44    write will
45    get $ / Colón
46    buy outstanding kit (rollmat, mossie repellent, dry bag)
47    pack kit
48    half kit and pack again!
49    go

Adiós y gracias a todos los peces !