OK so you’re not a techie, with whizzy programming skills, using weirdly named incomprehensible tools with names you can barely pronounce.

But you need to generate some data for whatever reason and you it needs to be random with dates, postcodes, lists of anything and you need a LOT of it. Just some dummy data you need to play and experiment with. Or maybe real data values that you are going to use in an demo. Or maybe you’re a wanna be geek. Or… well whatever your reason…

Well here is a great tool, really easy to use and its free!  Although I did end up making a contribution to this developer – just a pleasure to come across such a clean easy to use and useful tool. The website is called http://generatedata.com

It pretty self explanatory… just start clicking,

  1. decide your column names,
  2. set the data types  – date, names, tel, city, random text, a specific list of predefined values,  numeric, custom etc
  3. and choose the example formats
  4. say how many rows of data you want;
  5. choose the output format you want your data in – csv or excel – for us normal human beings; or html, json, ldif, sql, xml, perl, javascript,  ruby, php for the priesthood sitting in a corner not talking to anyone

.. then click the big green button GENERATE