More photos of people and life in and around Uri…

Til, the carpenter is Saran’s brother.  Mina, my mom away from home, is always smiling and always very busy, here sifting millet she has harvested off their small mountain side plot at Little Paradise.


It’s a long shout from the Northern Line, morning rush hour usually involves a tribe of laughing children and ambling buffalo being chased down the mountain. You have to get out of the way quick but the kids its just fun, grabbing the buffalos tails as they pass and daring each other playing chicken in front of the lead one. It annoys the adults no end as the herds end up trampling the rice paddies.









Here is my favourite view from Uri school up to Annapurna Base camp.

After school Himal and Pradeep spend time jumping and hurling themselves off in to the hay jumping

Me, too exhausted for play, this is the start of the long steep climb to Little Paradise, which comes directly after the slightly oh so steep climb form the school to the tea house and shop on the corner. To call it a shop is stretching it. A couple of bare wooden shelves, with the some biscuits and rice.


Laxman pictured below with his wife has a job as the village messenger. He spends all his days walking up and down the ravines and over the mountains, between villages, passing on messages and spreading news of whatever events are coming up up, new births, deaths, ceremonies and no doubt a lot of gossip too.  No idea how he gets paid, but no doubt there is some sort of bargaining in place – everyone has their place and use within the community

Unlike UK six year olds, Asmita’s day does not end with school (in fact she often missed it). Today her job is to peel the corn with her mother.


And this is a familiar daily sight across Nepal, walking forests and haystacks – feed for the families animals.  This would be a good national symbol for Nepal!