Leaving Newquay, I hit high tide again and no way to cross the Gannel except by detour inland. I follow the SWCP guide advice and job on a bus to hop the couple of hundred metres.

Today the destination is St Agnes. It pretty flat, at least compared to the  first couple of weeks. Still ups and downs but I don’t really notice them.

What I do notice today is the wind. It is blowing a howler! I can barely stand without being blown backwards. It’s a good thing it is blowing off the sea otherwise the path world be truly treacherous.

Evidence of mining is everywhere. Warnings about shafts, signs to stay away and lots of called off mineshafts.

Perran Sands

At A break from the step clifftop paths, there is a super long beach walk along Perran Sands.

Night out camping at Presingoll Farm. Not sure if I’m beginning to look like a true tramp, but Pam the campsite owner turns up with a bowl of beef lasagne for me. I have so many acts of kindness to pay forward.

A bit of rain leaves my tent wet in the morning. And then it’s a day of battling the wind trying to keep my rain cape over both me and my pack and generally gritting my teeth.

The pleasure of the day some historic tin mines and a WW2 sentry post that provides some shelter from the rain. I passed by The Beacon at St Agnes a little way inland barely keeping my feet.

Starting to think about the next few days. The forecast is grim. Add to the wind a lot of rain. Grrr. I get to spend sometime in a WWII sentry box sheltering from the rain.

Finish off totally soaked, exhausted.

I need to think about how to continue. Cold is not an issue, but really need rain to hold off. The days are shorter, cannot start walking much before 8 as it’s still dark, need time to pack gear. Clocks are going back but daylight hours still reduced. Wildcamps difficult with wind. Many campsites are also closing end of October, apparently their licences finish for the season. Can deal with that but not the rain on top. Tent drying not great.

Maybe a break for some better weather….