In order of importance, gear that makes long distance walking and wild camping so much easier! Comfort at the end of a long days walk key to keeping it enjoyable.

Portable bidet… this is a must! Especially for ‘leave no trace’. Recently discovered via the backpackers club. I am now a convert. Forget toilet paper. This will leave you squeaky twinkly sparkling clean, just like the Andrex ad. All you need is any plastic water bottle, fill with water, attach the spout, do what you need to do, then point it at the appropriate direction and give a couple of squirts. Cleaner than using toilet paper. Genius. A game changer. Just £9.99 for a pack of three from Amazon. Tried it out at home first, seriously no need to buy toilet paper ever again. There are loads of alternatives on Amazon, went for this one because it can be used with any plastic bottle. (photo looks big, but the red bit is about thumb size)

Northface booties… At the end of a long days walking these are just bliss. £60 and worth every penny. Soft and warm, with a rubber sole for getting out of your tent in the middle of the night. As a spare pair of shoes they light but still functional to head to local pub. (update: I have been living in these ever since I got home from the SWCP and bought as christmas presents for a couple of people!)

Northface Thermoball booties

Trekology sleeping mat… It’s wide, it’s deep, its comfortable. No itsy bitsy thin mat for me. Add a couple of layers under body for warmth. ( have been thinking about how to fill this with down feathers..?). Can roll over on it without rolling off. I have sacrificed weight for comfort with this one. I have used thermorest mats, this trekology one is so much better. It also has a built in pump.

Trekology UL140

Earplugs… not a discovery, but oh so necessary! Blocks out all noise of howling gales, wild animals and the boogie man when wild camping in the woods. Key for a peaceful sleep.

JetBoil… just the most efficient way to get some hot food/drink inside you fast. I have used others, but this is the best, easiest to use. Packs away small, great design, well made.

JetBoil MiniMo