Downtime for project managers after a completing all the pre-project reports including risk assessments, casevacs plans plus environmental and cultural impact assessments.  Possibly the most important Raleigh training of all Monopoly Deal (more addictive than crack cocaine) and always best played in Spanish 🙂

Siew-Ling has yet to learn that its “quick game, good game”, Carwyn has a habit of creating new rules, Jenny and Claire’s play massively improves under the influence of skittles and Nick plays in a polite but lethal silence.

As for the the advanced rules  applied by the Raleigh Deal Ninjas we novices still have a  lonnnnnnnngggg way to go. Some additional Ninja rules and moves include:

The albino panther … win but with jokers

The snow white albino panther… the ultimate move to win (no money and win with the brown cards only)

A Genghis Kahn…  when you have no cards and win within a go.

Slappin da base…  clearing out someones bank

A Joseph… laying down one of every colour

On our right… the maestro Deal Ninja, Julien (Raleigh Country Director) blessing the Deal novices.