Enough mountains!!!! Up, down, up, down… every day. Not sure how many cumulative Everests I have climbed but it is more one, possibly as much as four. This has been much tougher than the GR65 which I averaged 25km a day. The GR10 is taking its toll, depending on the climb (up or down) 15km is about my max unless I want to thrash myself and arrive late each night.

There are fewer and fewer walkers. The last couple of days have been truly solo. Finding an open gite to stay in more difficult with each passing day, the refuges slowly closing for the season. Plus the weather is turning so camping out although still possible, not as comfortable. Starting out a month earlier would have made better planning.

So after 3 weeks on the GR10 I’m heading out of the high peaks down for the last 2 weeks of my trip to the lower GR78 which is about 10km north into the foothills of the Pyrenees. Immediate change to faster, more km covered, rural farming landscape, villages (food!) and just generally more civilisation (although ATMs have barely made it to this part of the world).