This post comes courtesy of Dawn (our super fabulous communications officer) – I have a feeling I will be relying on quite a few of Dawn’s posts to fill in my writing gaps 🙂 I swear there is barely anytime to yourself. These first weeks at fieldbase have every hour filled.


“After two very hectic days at fieldbase, cramming as much information in as possible, the fully fledged 11G&H team are now off on their first adventure – jungle camp! The guys have been split up into groups of 8 and will spend the next few days getting to know the ‘wild’ side of Raleigh. The teams are preparing as I type; lacing up their shiny, new walking boots and donning their zip-off trouser shorts. There are wide brim hats coming from all directions and there is no shortage of multi-tools… basically, the guys look hot-to-trot and ready for action.

They will be dabbling in some trekking and a cheeky bit of camping. They’ll be learning to cook on the trangia’s (something that everyone should attempt once in their lives just to say that they have cooked for 15 people using a pot the size of a tennis ball, and a flame so small you would be better off using a glow-worm), attempting river crossings and many more exiting things. So lots of fun to be had!

We’ll be back again on in a couple of days with updates on this; hopefully still in one piece, still smiling and fingers crossed with some cracking stories to share with you all. Wish us luck!”