First day done and dusted. Backpack heavy (12kg) but manageable. I have opted for comfort over weight this time. Tonight’s first in the tent will see if I am warm enough.

It was an inauspicious start from Taunton, when I found out the only bus between Taunton and Minehead is no longer running as of today for the next month. Grrr. No choice but to taxi it. Rob the taxi driver kindly sorted me out with the lowest fare possible.

I am at my softest, pudgiest, weakest, my pack the heaviest. So starts a week of pain, as muscles slowly harden, weight drops off and I settle into my one change of clothes. Not sure I have quite the right warm walking, cold wet weather clothes. We’ll see.

Tonight I’m in a campsite, Sparkhaye. Hot showers, charge points, toilets for a tenner. Very nice. Settled into the pub for a hot toddy and food. Chatting to the barman about his 6 months homeless living in the woods,… once he had for himself sorted, hammock, firepit etc he liked it.

Highlight of the day… A partridge in a pear tree