Building continues…

The stonemason’s who have been pushing hard against the deadline have now turned themselves  into plasterers and also put the roof on (which I missed whilst on a last toy and furnishings shopping spree in Pokhara)


Purna (the school committee chairman) and I start breaking stones into aggregate for the cement floor.  A very long  job which I managed to bash my hands to bits with the hammers. But it has given me lots of time to chat with Purna, although his English is even more minimal than my non-existent Nepali.  Still amazing how much of a conversation is still possible.  Purna is the leading man in the community, pushing for all sorts of development. He got the new road built as well as toilets (asian style bucket flushes) installed in all homes.


At last painting begins (although we could have done with more than the 4 days drying for the plaster). The paint absorbs a little to easily onto the plaster. We could really have done with more drying time and more paint!


On to the windows… we’re going colourful!


And finally laying the underlay and carpet, leaving me just a day behind a locked door to add the surprise finishing touches and stock up the shelves with toys, boardgames and books (which I have been hiding in a big sack in a back room).

Strict notices go on the door to “Keep out  – Maya working”. I endeavor to keep the windows covered with sheets, but every now and then spot a small hand attempting to find a gap and peek.   I really need more days to paint murals, docorate… but time is ticking, the paint is not drying quickly and my flight back to London looms (I have already changed it once at cost and cannot push it back again).


Finally all done and ready for the Opening Ceremony.