Totally losing track of the days….

I catch up with Boris and Philippe in Gourette who are also on a rest day. I made to right decision to not go direct to Gourette over the Hourquette d’Arre. They had a terrible day, it snowed, they took shelter in a stone hut all but freezing. A very very hard walk.

We are all having a duvet rest day in the only open hotel in town. Like all ski resorts so far, Gourette is no different. Shut up shop until the winter season.

Two cols out of Gourette.

Climb out of Gourette

Road walk. Valley. Sunbathing. Sheperds. Arrens-Marsous. Christian, Jean Yves.

Final goodbye to Boris and Philippe

Maison camalet. Marianne.

Shop. Baguette. Basque pate.