Gite Garbure

I’m porking out on pork.

Every meal so far has involved pork. Roasted pork, pork on pasta, minced pork bolognese, roasted tomato pork, pork pate, ham and cheese baguette, ham baguette, pork hamburger, stuffed pork peppers, pork saucisson, pork de pays, pork sausage, pork pie, fried pork, pork soup, cold pork, peppered pork. But no bacon!

And I have not seen a single pig. Plenty of sheep. Plenty of cows. No pigs. It’s a mystery.

Pork time! Again.

Today I arrived in Estaut at the Gite Garbure. And guess what’s on the menu? Pork and chips.

Tonight my dinner table is shared with a seven men, each and everyone a retired French train drivers (none of them look old enough to be retired, but they explain its the French way). Train driving is stressful they explain. Pah!

At any rate they have excellent pork carving skills.