The choice today is to head for Gourette or go to Eau Bonne, the second being a slightly shorter day not climbing so high. Going to Gourette means 2400m and there looks like the possibility of snow.

All three groups decide on Eau Bonne. But then the shepherd says the way to Eau Bonne is not well marked and anyway the Gourette route is only a little higher. Diana and Andrew change routes, followed shortly by Boris and Philippe. So I am on my own to Eau Bonne.

It starts out pretty dismal, rain and more rain, windy and cold. I have all my layers on plus rain tarp.

A helicopter fly’s into the valley and high up to the pass. It circles me several times, not sure who they are looking for but I definitely don’t need them. I walk on to indicate I’m not in need of rescue.

I wonder how the others are getting on.