I think i can lay claim to possibly the most interesting commute – usually on the 159 or 3 bus from Kennington over Lambeth or Westminster Bridge, past the Houses of Parliament, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square. through Piccadilly Circus, up Regent Street and into  Fitzrovia with alternatives via Park Lane or Holborn… always something going on a few recent memnorable ones:

the most effective protest? bikers slowly circling Trafalgar Square roundabout – traffic gridlock every bleeding morning! In full support but ggrrrrr… please choose another roundabout!

the last 5 years a man walks to work – spotted on Millbank, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square – wearing white shirt over suit with a message claiming his attempted assassination by MI5 – t-shirt his protective armour?

more demonstrations…  Parliament Square peace activists encampment expanding students flopping into road for impromptu picnics, more traffic jams, relaxed police standby..

morning commute against a rainy black stormy sky a shaft of bright sunlight hits the solitary white lion guarding the entrance to Westminster Bridge … beautiful.

Parliament Square Tamil Tigers demonstration massive police presence including machine gun armed patrols 2 weeks of disruption, river police boats guard against feared mass jump into river – Sri Lanka fighting continues

Last Monday a low point – rush hour passing Waterloo Station in full view man drops pants, squats and dumps… am I still living in London?

Two Star Troopers walking up Regent Street…

High point – Regent Street morning rush hour, lone briefcase guy strips off to Baywatch red undies VERY buff… a bet? He won. Me still smiling…

Last week – Parliament Square activists -result shattered ministry windows, Whitehall lone uniformed soldier passing the Cenotaph salutes, Apple store iPad block circling queues – disconnect?
Yesterday – good deed for the day 159 bus – lost phone on seat tracked back to grateful owner

Today rare tube journey in – crammed packed crushing heat – pretty girl holding back her tears – painful loneliness of strangers