First steps… thinking about life changes.

All the times in my life when I have been most content were either creative times or time spent in nature – mountains, forests, long walks and fresh air. I am happiest being creative… whether it is building, as in Kalimati and Uri, decorating, designing, planting, making or playing (piano and kids!).

Between watching a YouTube video this afternoon and the drive back home to London down the M11 a couple of hours later, this is the start of writing up my thoughts on the process and the step to take to make it happen. In conversation with Tom, the thing that he can’t get past, is moving from the dreams and talk to the action. Stuck. That’s me too. This first post, a coming together of thoughts to action. Reading Eckhart Tolle .. The Power of Now…. this can be accessed through the creative process. So starting… Now.

No giant leaps… I need to keep earning. Waiting until I have enough money, the perfect cottage and workshop in the Lakes, Dales or depths of Dartmoor… well that could be forever or never.

Reading Twyla Tharp – The Creative Habit and Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic: Creativity. Floating ideas. I have already got some projects going or about to start. Last week I bought a £15 sewing box/sidetable from Emaus, a piece of unwanted dark stained boring old furniture. The plan at the point of purchase is to refurbish and see what I can sell it on eBay for. Small enough to post to buyer if necessary. I have started sanding it in Newton, Cambridge. Funk up or chintz… consider for my creative taste but also for resale.

The old small drop-leaf dining table, cutting the legs to lower height and revamping to be my new sofa side-table. The existing one can be another revamp experiment for eBay.

I have also already booked myself onto the six week metal jewellery course at CityLit starting 29 sept 2018. A follow up to the weekend taster course I did last year (and loved).

Today, via Pinterest looking for ideas, I came across some YouTube videos … acrylic pouring WOW! Hooked! I am going to try that out on the sewing box. What a messy fantastically creative medium! Intense colour!

I am going to need a workspace, I am already revamping the living room… so why not spare bedroom as well, turn into workroom, remove study books, double bed into pullout day bed… keep as guest room, but become functional workroom. I barely use it day-to-day so I will effectively be expanding the space I live in for real purpose beyond just spare room. Plus the iMac, neglected since the iPad arrived can be put back to work.

Carpets …. planning on replacing anyway… think about removing entirely from flat. I will live with floorboards for while, see how it goes.. keep floorboards in work room, freedom to get messy, splash paint. Really really messy, untidy, creative, dirty. For sure that will meet both my desires to be super tidy (daily living areas) and super messy (creative workspace).

Metal cabinet bought last year, perfect for work room.

Build in some workbenches. If the idea is re-use then re-use and include chest of drawers in workspace.

If the plan is to eventually support myself, then I will do this properly from the start. Avoid the trap Natalie was in for years of her creative ideas, successful but never enough to cover costs, always supported by Carl. Separate out costs, expenditure and income from daily finances. Use the Barclays Bank account that has been dormant. Put a starting fund in of £1000 and track all income/outgoings as if it were a business.

A last thought… I will write this up as I go… successes, frustrations and failures. Not sure right now if it makes sense to set a timeframe, let’s see where I am a year from now.

Starting…. no need a wholesale life change, chucking in job and attempting to support myself and start a business. Starting the same way I started playing the piano, keyboard first and then buying proper piano only when I was sure it was not a passing interest. If it does not work i.e. the change I am aiming for – getting out of the office and regular high earnings to working for myself, irregular lower earnings, but happier and self sufficient – well that’s fine. An experiment, creative fun on the way, nothing lost. Let’s see where it takes me.

Thursday evening… a weekend of creativity ahead! Need a list.