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Workspace.. next day..

I tell my plans out loud this morning... to Simon stopping by, bacon and eggs goodbye breakfast and dropping keys, cactus off. My words don't sound too strange but not as compelling as yesterday. His response neither negative or positive, maybe slightly bemused at best. Wish for more. Do i really need someone, him, to validate my idea? Well there is a whole other non-conversation going on there. Rest of the day working on reports for work, answering emails - nothing challenging. Later after more instructional videos I order some silicone and Liquidtrex (used to make paint flow easily and dry slow to enable longer working time). I feel the hesitation.. on sizes to buy, need to be sure, I don't want to buy the wrong stuff or stuff i won't use. Well some paint is already on the way for the box, so I will need this stuff anyway.  [...]

Starting up my workspace…

First steps... thinking about life changes. All the times in my life when I have been most content were either creative times or time spent in nature - mountains, forests, long walks and fresh air. I am happiest being creative... whether it is building, as in Kalimati and Uri, decorating, designing, planting, making or playing (piano and kids!). Between watching a YouTube video this afternoon and the drive back home to London down the M11 a couple of hours later, this is the start of writing up my thoughts on the process and the step to take to make it happen. In conversation with Tom, the thing that he can't get past, is moving from the dreams and talk to the action. Stuck. That's me too. This first post, a coming together of thoughts to action. Reading Eckhart Tolle .. The Power of Now.... this can be accessed through the [...]

Hidden cupboard bookcase door

I have a thing for hidden nooks, secret pockets and hidey holes. I'm really good at tucking things away safely... I hid my most expensive necklace convinced whilst away if thieves were to break in, that's what they would take (never mind the television or computer duh). Anyway its so well hidden i have never found it since. The boiler cupboard was just a boring cupboard and crying out to be turned into a bookcase with a secret. I cannot claim this one for myself. Watching a youtube video it looked eminently possible, just cut the centre of the door out, knock some mdf together and hey presto. When it came down to it I decided to replace the door entirely with a custom made bookcase.  Then I got lazy and paid a carpenter to do it, who definitely delivered a superior finish to anything I could produce. I liked [...]

From scuzzy to velvet lovely

OK - this was one super scuzzy office chair. I obviously have some nervous scratching foam picking tick on my right hand as well... that chair did not start out that way. When I was considering reupholstering the chair before I had been put off at the thought of taking the chair apart and figuring out how to put it back together. I was going to chuck it out until a googling youtube videos pointed me in the direction of a a screwdriver and no need to take chair apart! All you need is some material to cover with (in this case a fabulously luxurious long velvet skirt bought in Paris many years ago and no longer worn). Next, cut the material to an appropriate size  (not measured just laid over and cut leaving enough extra to tuck in.  This material had some stretch to it as well, so pretty [...]