Eat the frog… do the most difficult thing in your day first

Teach yourself… you cannot progress without new skills

Read biographies… successful people are just people, get inspired, it’s doable

Learn from real life… reading will only take you so far

Write down 10 ideas everyday… creativity is a muscle that needs training

Find your passion… otherwise it’s too easy to give up

Dream big… get out of your comfort zone.

Just start… take the first steps, no matter the enormity of the task what matters is the next step.

Make mistakes…the things that go wrong are the prompts for doing it right

Wear trainers to work… run when you want to, don’t be a slave to appearance.

Embrace the chaos… it won’t go the way you plan

Look forward… don’t waste your energy on the past

Find your mantra… remind yourself of who you are, what you want to be

Think in ink… writing your goals focuses your mind

Switch off… give yourself downtime

Dare to be different… don’t let the doubters derail you

Accept the fear… it lasts a short time once you take action

Ask questions… be interested in others.

Find a champion … be a champion. Lift others as you go along.

Visualise… people give up because they lose sight of achieving their dream.

Spend time in nature… recharge yourself, discharge negative emotions

Get over your ego… be honest, be vulnerable, be open.

Speak directly… communication is key to personal and professional relationships.

Make jokes… a sense of humour is a powerful tool.

Trust in yourself… it will be ok.