A very nifty little feature I have just come across trying to post images directly to a SharePoint site from MS Word, I have found also works for WordPress. This post is being created in Microsoft Word. All you need to do is in new document, select “Blog post” and you are presented with a new document, which has all the editing features of Word, linked direct to your WordPress blog.

In Word add your blog title, select a category you have set, paste in any photos / images (compression automagically happens).

In the “Manage Accounts” button on the toolbar, click New and select your blog type from the dropdown and add your blog url and account information. Remember to add the …/xmlrpc.php bit to your url. Some blogs will automatically be enabled to receive post via xmlrpc others not. WordPress has this turned off by default. To switch on go to Settings > Write > tick the xmlrpc box.

The first time you post you will be prompted for your username, but that’s pretty much it (and for some reason you need to tick the box that says ‘remember password’ otherwise it fails). With the above set-up hit the publish button! Go to your blog and you should see your post published.

To edit posts, use your blog functionality as per usual, or in Word click “Open existing” which gives you a list of all your posts through Word.

The big save here is not having to upload images separate into WordPress, no messing around with size, compression etc. instead it a simple cut and paste or insert photo.

Very nice!

Next step is to work through publishing via Google Docs to WordPress… apparently Google docs no longer supports xmlrpc, but some bright sparks have developed a WordPress plugin to pull from Docs instead… http://dev.bangordailynews.com/2011/06/16/marrying-google-docs-and-wordpress-or-really-any-cms/