It is impossible in Nepal to do anything without a “program”. It is also impossible to get through a single week without a holiday for one of the very many festivals (yesterday it was a celebration of Sarawati – goddess of education – naturally this meant a school was closed) Today it is the Opening Program of Kalimati Kindergarten. The whole village has turned up, the national anthem sung, candles lit, singing and dancing processions.

I get covered in ropes of flowers and silk.

Followed by a plaque unveiling and a lot of speeches… from the chairman of the School Management Committee, the headmaster, from Shiva and Ram, the district school inspector, from the head of the Mother’s Group and I did not get away scot free either.

But eventually it is doors open .










and all chaos ensues.  Eventually I have to ask Ram to calm everyone down as I notice tiny tots starting to get overwhelmed with tears starting in one or two eyes.

Gita exhausted but happy, puts mattresses and cushions to the test. A whole lot better than the concrete they normally have to sit on.

Classes 4 & 5 commandeer themselves some space and review some new library books. These guys soak up any books you give them. as ever I am frustrated that the very few books are locked away, but the teachers have promsied to keep these accessible.


The teachers look at some of the games for the older children (including chess, mastermind, map games, checkers and backgammon)

and Bishnu, the kindergarten teacher gives us a thumbs up – she now has a lot more to do!